Telus rcs chat

The industry could do with a refresh to its default communication standard. Along with text messages, RCS will also allow for higher quality picture messaging up to 10MB in size, group chats, location sharing, and even video calls by default.

Unlike SMS, the new technology can be integrated with contact apps to see who else supports the service, as well as for sharing contacts and groups.

The aim is to provide a consistent interoperable messaging service across mobile device and networks. Plus Apple already has its popular iMessage service. As this new standard expands the default SMS and MMS functionality provided by carriers, these companies also need to get on board with RCS to bring it to a wide range of consumers, and that has proven a little more tricky. The Universal Profile is a specification which outlines a set of Advanced Calling and Messaging features and how communication services are to be built to support these features.

Participation in the Universal Profile is not necessary to support Advanced Messaging, instead it is designed to expedite the roll out and ensure compatibility. Release 1.

Google’s RCS ‘Chat features’ menu appears on some Koodo, Telus devices

These include contact discovery across regions, messaging, group chat, file transfer, audio messaging, video share, multi-device, enriched calling, location sharing, and live sketching. Release 2. In the U. A total of 55 national operations have already launched Rich Communications Services. Despite all of these names being involved, Google has taken on the responsibility of providing the main platform for this new messaging service.

Jibe, which Google purchased back inhas developed a universal Android client based on the Universal Profile for Advanced Messaging. Google is also offering a carrier-hosted service for operators to launch and manage Advanced Messaging services with, without having to deploy their own infrastructure.

This should expedite the roll out and will ensure service compatibility for all users. The two companies are collaborating closely to ensure feature parity. There are lots of pieces that have to fall into place, including app, device, and carrier support. At the last count, 55 carriers support the protocol. For example, T-Mobile finally adopted the Universal Profile 1. Samsung has also listed devices that will see RCS supportbut that only extends back as far as the Galaxy S8 and only applies once phones are updated to Android 9 Pie.

Verizon has RCS support on the Pixel 3 and plans for wider support in early Google Fi is also rolling out RCS messaging to compatible phones. The bottom line is that RCS adoption is frustratingly slow. Although, going forward we should see an increasing number of new smartphones support the standard out-of-the-box.

telus rcs chat

Features News. Robert Triggs. Samsung and Google are teaming up to make RCS better. In other words, Samsung Messages users will be …. Comments Read comments. You Might Like. When should you expect to receive the Android 10 update?

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telus rcs chat

Galaxy A5 Galaxy S8. Getting started. Activate your mobile device. Check your warranty. Mobility service terms. What is an eSIM voucher? Device balances. Transfer your mobile number to another person. Replace your phone or swap your SIM card.

telus rcs chat

Trade in your mobile phone. NFC Mobile Payments. Troubleshoot problems with your phone battery. Interesting articles. Sonim XP8 device support. Get help with your Apple iPad 5th generation. Get help with your Apple iPad 6th generation. Get help with your Apple iPad Mini 4. Voice assistants.RCS is the Next-Gen Messaging technology that improves messaging by offering a native, richer and universal experience across networks and Android devices.

On select Android devices, Next-Gen Messaging gives you chat messaging features in select conversations, including:. Next-Gen Messaging is available on:. Note : As more devices get Next-Gen Messaging capabilities in the coming months, please check for updates on our device tutorials. Note : When Next-Gen Messaging is provisioned for the first time on a compatible device, you will be prompted to turn on chat features when opening Android Messages.

When chat features are turned on, it will automatically be used if you are messaging another device with chat features enabled. This means, if you do not have a data plan and are not connected to Wi-Fi, your messages will be sent as SMS, or you may incur pay-per-use data charges when using Next-Gen Messaging.

If you only want to use Next-Gen Messaging in a Wi-Fi connected area, please ensure you turn chat features off when leaving a Wi-Fi connected area to avoid unexpected data charges. Android Next-Gen Messaging explained. What you need. Turn on Next-Gen Messaging. Using Next-Gen Messaging. Related articles. Photo and video messaging. Useful iMessage information. Tips on Identifying Spam. Report a spam message. Determine the number of text messages sent and received.

Did this article solve your problem? Search Support Search support articles.Rich Communication Services RCS [1] is a communication protocol between mobile telephone carriers and between phone and carrier, aiming at replacing SMS messages with a text-message system that is richer, provides phonebook polling for service discoveryand can transmit in-call multimedia.

It is part of broader IP Multimedia Subsystem. The Rich Communication Suite industry initiative [5] was formed by a group of industry promoters in The scope of the steering committee's work was to entail the definition, testing, and integration of the services in the application suite known as RCS. Carriers that deploy the Universal Profile guarantee interconnection with other carriers.

In Aprilit was reported that Google would be transferring the team that was working on its Google Allo messaging service to work on a wider RCS implementation. The rollout of this functionality will begin in France and the United Kingdom, and it will be compatible with other RCS implementations compliant with the Universal Profile. In response to concerns over the lack of end-to-end encryption in RCS, Google stated that it would only retain message data in transit until it is delivered to the recipient.

In Octoberthe four major U. This service will be compatible with the Universal Profile. Another phone's capabilities and presence information can be discovered and displayed by a mobile phone.

RCS reuses 3GPP specified IMS core system as the underlying service platform taking care of issues such as authentication, authorization, registration, charging and routing. The RCS specifications often define a number of options for implementing individual communications features, resulting in challenges in delivering interoperable services between carriers.

The RCS specifications aim to define a more specific implementation that promote standardization and simplify interconnection between carriers. The GSMA's Universal Profile is a single, industry-agreed set of features and technical enablers developed to simplify the product development and global operator deployment of RCS.

This is supposed to be an answer to 3rd party messaging apps or OTTs absorbing mobile operators' messaging traffic and associated revenues. By making these features available in a B2C setting, RBM is expected attract marketing and customer service spend from enterprises, thanks to improved customer engagement and interactive features that facilitate new use cases.

RBM includes features not available to ordinary users, including predefined quick-reply suggestions, rich cards, carousels, and branding. This last feature is intended to increase consumer confidence and reduce fraud through the implementation of a verified sender system. Universal Profile is currently backed by 68 supporters: [25]. As with SMS, this will be accomplished with hubbing - where third-party providers complete agreements with individual operators to interwork their systems.

Each subsequent operator that connects to a hub is therefore connected automatically to all other connected operators. This eliminates the need to each operator to connect to all the others to which they may need to send messages. Interconnections and hubs are considered vital to the long-term success of RCS. These include traditional SMS hub providers e. Global Message Services and Sinchsoftware and hardware vendors e. Amnesty International researcher Joe Westby criticized RCS for not allowing end-to-end encryptionbecause it is treated as a service of carriers and thus subject to possible surveillance.

The Verge criticized the inconsistent support of RCS in the United States, with carriers not supporting RCS in all markets, not certifying service on all phones, or not yet supporting the Universal Profile. Concerns were shown over Google's decision to run its own RCS service due to the possibility of antitrust scrutiny, but it was acknowledged that Google had to do so in order to bypass the carriers' inconsistent support of RCS, as it wanted to have a service more comparable to Apple 's iMessage service available on Android.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Rich Communication Suite. Mobile communication protocol. This article needs to be updated.It allows users to take advantage of a number of features that were previously exclusive to over-the-top messaging apps like WhatsApp and iMessage.

RCS also enables proper group chat, as well as allows users to send high-resolution images and videos. Within the Canadian context, there two major groups working toward making RCS a success beyond the usual cast of carriers. Additionally, the three national carriers have all pledged to support RCS. Google is the second major stakeholder in RCS. In some ways, the company helps provide the glue that enables the ecosystem.

Inthe company acquired Jibe Mobile. Missing from the list is Samsung. In practice, the requirements to take advantage of RCS are straightforward. As the end user, you need:. Where things get complicated, at least currently, is that few carriers support RCS. At the time of the writing of this article, only Rogers and Fido support the protocol in Canada. We already work with Samsung in different regions that has a native experience, users can either use that native experience or they can download Android Messages.

Both are standards-based and will work out of the box. According to Rogers, there are currently aRCS users on its network. That said, Surhangi did note that Google has seen strong engagement among those users who are using Android Messages. Moreover, he says RCS will hit critical mass in the not too distant future. Surhangi did name specific companies, but he did intimate that a number of other major North American carriers, both in Canada and the U.

RCS employs client-to-server encryption, which is the same encryption model Google uses for Gmail.

telus rcs chat

Google then encrypts the message again before sending it to its intended recipient. Sarhangi says Android Messages cannot employ end-to-end encryption due to local intercept laws. While the company has data centres in Canada, Google did not provide us with a definitive answer as to whether RCS messages that originate in Canada are routed through in-country servers.

However, what is clear is that Google wants to be very careful about how it manages the optics of Android Messages.

We’re currently experiencing longer than normal wait times at our call centres.

With Android Messages, our roadmap of what we plan to do very much aligns with the needs of the end user but also very closely with the needs of carriers and the GSMA.While there have been many attempts on Google's part to launch one, there is one thing that Android has always lacked: a true messaging competitor to Apple's iMessage.

That could all be set to change as Google embarks on a large-scale rollout of the RCS rich communication services messaging platform, adding a raft of new features to messaging on Android. But what exactly is RCS, what features does it have and which devices is it be available on? Read on to find out the answers to all these questions and more. Rich communication services is a protocol between both mobile operators and phones.

Inthe GSMA agreed on a Universal Profile - a set of standards that all mobile operators, phone manufacturers and software providers can use to help implement RCS on devices. RCS messaging is very much like WhatsApp, where live chat can take place, including multi-media support, with everything handled via the data network. It's seen as a rival to Apple's iMessage service, although there are some subtle differences between how these services operate.

For a number of years, RCS has been widely supported by mobile phone networks, software and devices. It's supported by the stock Google Messages app available on Android.

The problem has been that mobile phone networks have been handed responsibility for support and few have moved on it. However, in JuneGoogle took the reins back. This will see RCS messaging supported on Android devices and using Google's servers rather than the mobile phone network's servers. Google has said, however, that if a network supports RCS, its own servers can be used for transfer of messages. That got the system off the ground, bringing a new messaging platform to Android users - but Google is only targeting France and the UK initially.

In the UK, the service went live on 28 June for some users and continues to depend on the device that you're using.

Three in the UK has already confirmed that "Enhanced Chat" is coming to the network, saying that Huawei and Honor will be first, followed by Samsung - all enabled by Google. In the US there's been some movement. The details aren't fully clear, but there's confirmation that the CCMI will work to interface with Google Messages and Samsung's app too. Whether this gives a seamless result remains to be seen and more information will be revealed in the future.

The biggest advantage RCS Messaging has over SMS - and the reason it will be implemented in the first place - is that it will enable users to send rich, verified messages. This means messages will be able to carry more information, so users can send things like photos, videos and audio messages to one another.

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They will be able to carry out video calls with one another from directly within the messaging app, rather than having to rely on third-party software. Group messages are possible, and little things such as read receipts and indicators to show other users are typing a message will be included as well.

Businesses will be able to use RCS Messaging to send things like boarding passes for airlines, package delivery notifications and credit card fraud alerts. They're features that Apple iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have offered for some time, but Android phones have gone without in a default messaging application. For many, having one app to handle everything will be key - and whether the new CCMI in the US will just let people use the Google app remains to be seen.

RCS messages rely on data in order to be sent between users, and so messages are sent with client-to-server encryption. The protocol should also prevent spam messages from reaching your device, as for a company to be able to send a message via RCS, they have to go through a brand verification process.

RCS messages received from companies will have the company's name in the sender info, rather than just a mobile phone number. However, at the moment there's no universal support for end-to-end encryption. As the initial roll-out will use Google's servers - and potentially the network's own if supported - it means there's a couple of places where your messages could potentially be intercepted. Encryption will only be in place for the transmission of the messages. Many companies, including operators, manufacturers and software providers have pledged their support for RCS Messaging, but by far and away the biggest supporter is Google.

The technology giant has been trying to increase the adoption of RCS messaging in recent years, as it wants to implement it in all Android phones. At the moment there are variations of the RCS protocol, so phones using RCS on some networks aren't supported elsewhere.

It's these interoperability issues that the GSM Association's Universal Profile aims to eliminate and something that Google is now trying to tackle. If you send an RCS message to someone who's phone or mobile network don't support it, it will be sent as a regular text message, but a lot of work is underway to resolve that. Firstly, you should use the Messages app and make sure it's the default messaging app while other apps will support it, Google's approach means you need to use its own app.

RCS is something that you have to opt into and when it becomes available via Google or your provider, you will receive a notification asking you to opt in.When I try to 'enable' the feature within the app I get a message saying "registration failed". So why did they bother to push a firmware upgrade that enabled the feature on my phone? It did not work for us, sadly. Where does it do? Does in the US close to where you are pick up or does Canadian pick up? I experienced them "making up a lot of stories" when I was asking about wifi calling and why it was restricted to Canada only.

I'm not surprised if this happens with RCS also Chat also appeared on my Telus essential phone yesterday. RCS, chat support proved by jibe mobile - Google. Log in. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

What is RCS? (& How It'll Change Text Messaging Forever)

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